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Alison is the best realtor I've ever partnered with!

She is the first agent that actually listened truly to what we were after and made it her mission to not settle, rather find us the house that we up to this point only dreamed of! In addition she sold our home and we made out like bandits! Now we are best friends for life! Cant recommend Ali more!

Eric N.

Alison's was super great!

She was very knowledgeable, not only about the area, but also about what we wanted and needed. She spent hours looking at houses with us (we were super picky we realized) and really understood any reservations I had, even when I couldn't voice them. She worked hard to get us the best price on our house, even renegotiated a better price after the appraisal. I would absolutely recommend Alison to anyone! We weren't the easiest of clients, I'm sure, but she was always super nice and helpful!

Brandi P.

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If you are considering the area and need a real estate agent, read this. I joined the Relocating to Raleigh group umpteen months ago, and began casually looking at the area. When it came time to look for a property, I talked to a couple of realtors, some with a lot of social media exposure, some recommended by friends, and didn't like any of them. I figured I would give Alison Wojnarowski a try since after all, it's her group. I thought for sure I would be disappointed since I have super high standards for this type of thing, but I figured what the heck, can't hurt to try her. Guess what. She exceeded EVERY expectation I had. She must have logged 1000 miles on her car looking at properties for me, always willing to run over, take video, call us on facetime, anything and everything that would make up for the long distance. In an area where everyone seems to communicate poorly or not at all ("it's the South", I keep being told) her communication is immediate, omnipresent, and at the level I expect from a top California Bay Area agent (which is where we live now). She knows all the right people - other agents, contractors, inspectors, etc. She's built a supporting network of mortgage brokers, insurance agents, and more. Real estate is local, and I was concerned that if I was looking at Chapel Hill I should have an agent there, and if Wake Forest then one there. Alison said she covers the whole area and she does - not just in a "I can show you that house" way but she KNOWS those areas, neighborhoods, and more. This was a very pleasant surprise. In the end, I found our house listed online, but when I told her about it, she ran over, found out deadlines, negotiated more time, advised me on our offer ($50k over asking for the record) and due diligence, and spent another month or so shepherding the process. Realtor commissions can seem high, but if you break it down to $/hr, I wouldn't be surprised to learn it's actually a low number. The best agents put in a LOT of time finding the right property. How she manages to do all this, all the time, and somehow still manages to raise a large family, I don't know. I am very glad that we made Allison our real estate agent, and if you are ready to buy a house, you should definitely do the same.

Dan S.

I just bought a home in Bridgeport in Wake Forest with Morgan Wininger and she has been fabulous!

She's been with me every step! Alison Wojnarowski helped me get the whole process started. I very grateful to both of them for helping my son and I find out first home!

Ashley G.

Alison helped us find and purchase our first home.

She had a lot of great knowledge about the entire triangle area and really helped us figure out what we were looking for in a home. Once we found a place that we loved, Alison helped us put together an offer and walked us through all the steps necessary to make the purchase complete. Overall, we really enjoyed working with Alison and would recommend her to anyone looking for to buy a home in the triangle area.

Mark H.

We closed on a home in Oak Park (Garner) in March.

We would have been lost without Alison Wojnarowski as we were not able to make many trips to the area. We made all of our selections over video. Once we found Alison, she attended all of the meetings and reviewed documents, recommended inspectors, provided info about areas, schools and beyond. She responded quickly, jumped on text or call anytime we had a question. She checked in with us even when we weren’t reaching out with a specific question. She feels like extended family at this point. We have never had such a great experience with a realtor. The relocating page and Zoom calls all made this decision so easy and we have never felt more at home. We ❤️ it here!

Kellie T.

Closed on our home Friday and wanted to give a shout out to Alison for getting us into a beautiful home by Dougher Development!

We’re excited to be in Wake Forest and loving every inch of our new home. The builders exceeded every expectation. We came in February with three days to buy and Alison had us under contract on a home in the first place we looked on the first day! Tirelessly answered all our text messages, phone calls and emails as nervous remote buyers.

Matthew M.

We highly recommend Alison.

We interviewed Alison on a Saturday mid-day, by Sunday afternoon she was touring homes for us via Facetime (we bought from California having to rely on Alison's honest feedback). By Tuesday our offer on our uter dream house was made, countered, accepted! In months leading up to this we were on many FB lages but the most helpful by far was Relocating to Raleigh - one Alison created/manages. We learned a ton about our future city and narrowed what areas worked best for us. Yet, I was still leaning towards nother region until talking to Alison. She asked a lot of questions, as so we could further consider regions. We aplreciated that extra effort spent. Thru the ENTIRE process she was one step, more honsetly, ahead of us. We never wondered a thing, she was pro active and thorough. We ciuld not have been happier with how things went. She is a wealth of knowledge - as a local has an added perspective. Has the most approachable personalty, genuine. You feel you're her only client, seriously!

Amy B.

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